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Information Needed:

In order for us to prepare an estimate we will need to get building plans.  Your plans will need to include:

  1. Location (City, State, and Zip)

  2. Floor plan with dimensions

  3. Elevations and roof pitches

  4. Building section(s) showing wall heights

  5. Roof Plan

  6. Panel thickness that you need for the walls and roof (eg. walls 6 inch, roof 8 inch)

  7. Projected construction date

Additional Design Information:

If you are aware of some of the design criteria information that may impact your cost. This information typically includes:

  1. Seismic zone

  2. Roof load

  3. Floor Load


We will use your drawings to create an estimate for a panel package.

In order to give an accurate estimate we will need some of the information listed in additional design information section.

Once we gather all of the info we will present you with a proposal for your panel package. As soon as there is a signed agreement we will move forward in the drafting process.

To move forward with your project, please send the following to us:

Shop Drawing contract (Signed and dated)

Deposit, as stated in your contract

Your Project Manager will be assigned at this time. Your Project Manager will be your contact throughout the remainder of the project.


After the estimate accepted, we will begin the drafting process

The drafting and review process can take between 2-6 weeks, depending on the detail of the drawings provided to us.

  1. Our Designer will prepare the first draft and send them to you or your representative (contractor, architect, etc.) for review

  2. Next you need to thoroughly review the drawings and make corrections and then return these corrections to SIP Home Construction

  3. Our Designer will make any corrections that you have requested based on your notes.  We  will return the re-revised drawings to you for your approval.


Building departments are going to require engineering for building projects. We have engineers that we work with that have experience with SIPs (at an additional cost). Our engineers specialized knowledge to work with our structures ensure that your project is not over engineered, costing you additional money.

Drawing Approval

Once drafting and engineering have been completed, we require signed shop drawings to begin fabrication of your panel package.

Panel Production

The production process takes about 3-4 weeks. Once production nears completion, your Project Manager will contact you to verify requested delivery date and other delivery details.


Shipping is arranged at an additional cost. The panel order will be shipped directly to the job-site but can be arranged to be delivered to a different location if space is an issue.

Information needed for a quote

Contact Information

In order to prepare an initial estimate we need to get some a basic information.

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   A home built with Structural Insulated Panels (SIPs) should cost no more than a stick framed home though every home is different.  SIPs have short and long term benefits ranging from a much faster close in of the structure to long term energy savings.  With a SIP home you will save time which will save you money in labor and carrying costs as well as get you in your new home months earlier.

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