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  SIPs have short and long term benefits ranging from a much faster close in of the structure to long term energy savings.  With a SIP home you will save time which will save you money in labor and carrying costs as well as get you in your new home months earlier.

SIPs Superiority

If  you ever looked down the edge of a conventionally framed wall you will notice bulges, twists and cups due to the poor quality of todays lumber.

With SIP panels this is not an issue, SIP
walls are flat, straight and strong.  SIPs utilize lumber that has been kiln dried to remove moisture so that as your home ages the lumber splines do not shrink causing potential voids and sheetrock cracks.

SIP Homes Provide Comfort

Your SIP Panel home will provide you with the most comfortable and quiet home you have ever owned.

The inside of a SIP panel is solid, continuous Expanded Polystyrene (EPS) insulation, absent of cavity voids often prone to mold growth in stick framed houses. 

Superior Structures

  1. SIP Panels are stronger and straighter and will start giving you a return on your investment the moment you move in through reduced heating and cooling bills.

  1. SIP homes are built with pre-fabricated panels in order to provide accuracy in the building process.

  1. SIP Panels are 2 ½ times stronger than conventional framing.

Some advantages of SIPs:

  1. SIPs cut the framing process down to approximately ⅓rd the time, and offer superior noise and weather isolation over traditional framing methods.

  2. The insulation in SIP panels is already there and is a far superior insulating material.

  3. The electrical chases are factory installed in the foam, eliminating the need for many hours of chase hole drilling.

  4. SIP Panel walls are flat so the sheetorckers can complete their work faster.

  5. Fastening cabinets and trim on SIP walls is faster and easier due to the ability to fasten to the OSB skin and not having to find studs.


SIPs provide Quality unmatched by other building systems